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Gambians thanks God for ECOWAS, especially Senegal, others they might have had to take it alone

Gambians are left with no choice really, in the fact the outgoing president is refusing to step down and has never been intending to step down since 1994. It is like I rule by force, I came by the gun and will go by the gun. This is Yahya Jammeh telling Gambians that I will rule by force. Funny if not tragic, that he want to commit suicide with other fine officers and men. 

Gambians surer of tomorrow than ever, despite one of the longest month

Gambians are surer of their place in history now than ever, despite many complaining of living in one of the longest months in their recent history due to the tragic attempts by the outgoing president to rule the country by force, in the face of ECOWAS troops ready to do the necessary to ensure the will of the people stand. Gambia's Young Scientific group, called on the incoming president as one of the many groups and organisations meeting and showing solidarity with the president elect and his much anticipated government. 

The Gambia Armed Forces stand by president elect Barrow

Reports reaching this paper shows that the majority of the Gambia armed forces are standing by president elect Barrow despite the propaganda by the outgoing president and his chief of staff, Bargie showing otherwise. Even the some of the generals contacted as well 3/4 of the colonels and other rank and files, said they will all stand with the incoming president and will not commit treason on the 19 January, with the handful of Jammeh's die-hard supporters, if Jammeh chose to ignore international warnings and the will of the Gambian people. 

Gambian president elect Adama barrow, winning all hearts and minds of Gambians

The coalition leadership has shown leadership from Dec 1, 2016, after their tumultuous victory over the outgoing president and has been receiving good will from not only the entire international community, but also Gambians of all categories. From the religious leaders to the communities, individuals and even a brave soldier!

Their response and the calm demeanour and educated and systemic approach to national issues, shows a bright future for democracy in The Gambia. Even the opposition leaders went to see president elect and his team. 

Gambians urged to resist illegal arrest and radio station closure

Gambians are being urged to resist illegal arrest and closure of their radio stations without a court order as the outgoing once again intimidates Gambians into submission. The arrest of at least two people wearing the T-shirt, #Gambia Decided have drawn criticism from the incoming coalition government, as the sole legal mandate power after 19 January and also from score of Gambians venting anger at the outgoing trying to stir trouble in desperate move to rescue his unrescuable government.

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