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Transportation chaos in The Gambia as drivers refuse to reduce prices as agreed to with government

Our reporters this morning, report chaos in an around Banjul as drivers plying these routes refused to reduce the prices of the fares as they had agreed with government to do. It should be recalled that the government of the Gambia, through its ministers had to intervene to tell the drivers to reduce the fares as the price of fuel had been reduced a number of times by the government foregoing some of the tax it collects, this however did not result it the reciprocal reduction of fares by the drivers. This resulted in the intervention by the government. 

As Gambia offers its A3 blocks, APCL shares nose dived

The Shares in African Petroleum Corporation (APCL) headed south again on Monday following reports the Gambian government has put the company’s two offshore blocks up for offer.

The Oslo-listed player responded to the reports by saying it has received no official word from the Banjul administration about its blocks A1 and A4, reiterating that the tracts remain in the company’s portfolio until a formal termination process is begun.

Culpability and Complicity to Dictatorship.

By Dr. Binneh Minteh

Now that the Commissions are Slowly Tracing Yaya Jammehs Prints on The World Map, Let no one be surprised by the role played by

most of us in entrenching the dictator.

In simple terms those who willingly received monies from the vicious dictator were complicit and culpable for the dictatorship to the core. The main point here is one of moral conscience.

Yaya's stealing, the commission and those who took the monies stolen

Interesting times in our country these days, with the commission into Yaya Jammeh siphoning of the meagre resources of the nations being laid to bare. Instead of the so call Allah's bank, as the dictator used to refer to these monies, these were in fact stolen in broad day light from the government, shamefully, with the help of his former secretary generals, his security chiefs and other special enablers. 

As the African Petroleum awaits Gambia government's decision, we caution the government

The government of The Gambia is being cautioned to take all available measures to ensure that we the Gambian people do not incur unnecessary expenses and burden as they threatened to cancel the oil and petroleum license issued to the African Petroleum Company Ltd (APCL). This caution is to ensure we do not incur unnecessary cost and penalties, like the billions of dalasis we had to pay to Canagie or another mining company when they took the former dictator's government to international arbitration few years ago. 

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