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Gen. Masanneh Kinteh, aide to Barrow, albeit his sycophancy during APRC rule

This paper can report that Lieutenant General Masanneh Kinteh, a former chief of defence staff under the erstwhile APRC regime has been re-appointed as an aide to the commander in chief of the Gambian armed force. Masanneh, famously called CI, chief instructor, by the many soldiers he helped trained  for years before promoted to chief of defence staff and later sacked and deployed to Cuba as Gambia's ambassador in 2012 and replace with the present CDS, Barjie, who many report as being insane for unfit for duty.

Is Jammeh planning to turn his tribesmen into rebels as many of them did in Senegal?

Many Gambians are furious at Yaya Jammeh for his declaration of war against Gambian people after they voted him out in December 2016, since he is refusing to go and holding unto power by force and by all means necessary, even though he had less than 30% of the votes, giving all and any flimsy excuse that is easily believed by many of his followers, blindly as has been the case during the 22 years hard rule of the dictator.

IGP Sonko Retracts on Convoy Permits

The Inspector General of Police, Yankuba Sonko is reported to have retracted on his earlier statement that all convoys needs permit to ply the routes of The Gambia, according to the statement issued by the coalition team of the president elect.

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