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Seedy Njie, Nominated NAM Insulting Opposition Leaders for Calling Jammeh a Dictator


Seedy Njie, a nominated member of the national assembly was visibly agitated by remarks of the honourable opposition leaders present at the recently African Union meeting with the stakeholders to ensure the ruling party respects the rule of law and democracy during the elections. Njie, representing the ruling party, but as it is usual with the NAM members had nothing to say to the delegates as he waited until all the party leaders are finished with the pleas for the incumbent to respect the will of the people and ensure the elections are free, fair and violence free. 

Njie, as usual with the APRC thugs and sycophants raised his hand to be given a chance to speak but instead of reassuring the delegates and the opposition leaders present, Njie went on to a rampage calling them all sorts of names for calling the dictatorship as it is. He further single outed the only woman in the group to rain his unnecessary tirades on the poor women for merely stating things as they are. 

Our readers will recall that Mr. Seedy SK Njie was himself subjected to arrest and charged with stealing monies from the student union in 2010, which charges were subsequently dropped on the dictator's order, on whose orders he was arraigned in the first place. Njie was charged with stealing a mere D21,000 whilst serving as a national assembly member. 

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