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Due to risk of tension during elections, ECOWAS' Singhateh called on Jammeh to give peace and credibility a chance.

the junta

Edward Singhateh utttered those remarks whilst deputising for Mr. Marcel de Souza, the president of the ECOWAS commission on Tuesday, when presenting the Community Status Report during the 2nd Ordinary session of the parliament in Abuja Nigeria, as the current vice president of the commission. He also said that three other elections are scheduled to be held in West Africa, Cape Verde, Ghana and The Gambia.  Edu, also touched on the delicate issue of farmers clashing with herdsmen as a task force was set up to address the situation in Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Benin and Niger. 

ECOWAS boycotted the last Gambian elections five years ago, citing irregularities, abuse of office among other reasons, whilst the African Union accepted the elections results as accurate ignoring the concerns of Gambians and ECOWAS. 

Our readers will recall that Edward Singhateh, was born to a Gambian father and a British mother, both of which were reportedly in the Britain's armed forces until their caravan journey across the Sahara desert from UK to come back to settle in The Gambia. Edu and Peter later joined the army and were later commissioned and Edward was instrumental, in fact many attribute to him the architect of the unlawful takeover of 1994. Edward was subsequently used by the monster of Kanilai to turn the violence to his people including the arrest of the then second in command of the military junta, Sanna Sabally, the attempted murder of Dr. Njie and the murder of Koro Ceesay in cold blood. Singhateh was then sacked from the government, with many others including Faye and Ogoo, when he allegedly refused to agree to the sales of GAMTEL to Jammeh and his cohorts. 

Edward Singhateh subsequently studied law at the Gambia university and currently practices privately in Banjul, after serving as a magistrate. Peter SInghateh, his brother was allegedly sacked from the armed forces for no obvious reason and has since left the country but visits occasionally unlike anyone else sacked in the armed forces, who had left the country. The duo has been implicated in serious human rights abuses against our people. 

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