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Jungler Ousman Sonko finally relieved of duty, replaced by another nonentity

MA Bah

Gambians, gave a sigh of relieve when they heard a press release from the dictator's office replacing one of his most brutal henchmen with a little known book keeper, another military officer, as the country's all powerful Secretary of state for Interior, responsible for the internal security and the police forces of the entire nation. Readers will recall that Ousman Sonko, alias Omar Kaisah, for obvious reasons, was a junior secondary school drop out who rose to the rank of sergeant at the communications and signals section until the faithful day of 22 July 1994, when he was tasked by the coupists to disconnect all communication at the airport and at Gamtel. Sonko was rewarded with the rank of a lieutenant and then moved to the state guards where he headed the signals until he betrayed his former boss, Landing Sanneh to the dictator and was rumoured to have shot and killed Landing Sanneh's purported accomplice, Almamo Manneh. 

Sanneh later became Yaya Jammeh's right hand man and was promoted to head the state guards, later the Police and then the minister of interior. Sonko, was asked by the press in Senegal about the whereabout of arrested UDP mobilizer, Solo Sandeng and he out of no way blurted that he was unlawfully killed in custody by the state terror apparatus, as if that was normal. The eventually had to admit that Solo dies in custody. 

Sonko was replaced by Momodou Alieu Bah, a book keeper at the army HQ, who readers can recall, was jailed for 25 years by a court martial for concealment of Ndure Cham's coup but he was subsequently released when he allowed himself to be used as a witness to convict Lang Tombong Tamba, when others like Capt. Bunja Darboe was approached but he declined, even though Tamba was the reason they were all incarcerated. 

Talking to senior police officers today, this paper learnt of sighs of relieve when they notorious minister was dismissed even though he was relieved by another officer, not at all conversant with police duties or even law. At least he could read and write unlike his womaniser predecessor. 

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