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Is Yaya Jammeh Intimidating Mama Kandeh and the GDC Executive

Mama and Tina Faal

Reports reaching us indicate that the newly formed party's executive is being asked to report to the NIA after reporting to the police HQ for unknown reasons. Mama Kandeh was sacked from the ruling party after reports of voting for term limits in the ECOWAS parliament to be applied to member states. Few weeks ago, a prominent member of GDC, Tina Faal has been arraigned before courts in Banjul charged with economic crimes, however when Mama Kandeh appeared on Freedom and quizzed about the Tina Faal, he denied that Tina was part of his party membership. This could be due to the pressure that the incumbent is placing on him and his entire leadership. 

Jammeh is in the business of ensuring that elections do not happen in the Gambia by jailing prominent members of the opposition, extra judicially killing at least two and few not seen for months, to ensure the opposition is in a disarray and sowing the desire to boycott the elections. This may attribute to the fact that Jammeh knows that there is no way he can win election in The Gambia again after he went on air to insult and threatening one of the largest tribes in The Gambia.  

Mama has been singled out for intimidation due to his links with the regime as the same trend was observed with Tina who was a prominent member of the ruling APRC party. Efforts will be made to make the GDC executive to come on air and clear the rumours being circulated. 


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