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The Barrow Administration Must Learn From History

momodou lamin dibba

The Gambia was regarded as one of the most democratic country in Africa since the tiny nation attained her independence from British Imperialism in 1965. The Gambia under Jawara’s 30 years was not impressive. For three decades Jawara could not provide us good roads, medical facilities, recreational centers, university and our economy was badly weaken. The only success story Jawara could be celebrated is by leading us to independent and even for that he is duty bound as the son of The Gambia.

However, Gambia took a U-turn in July 1994 where the junta led by 29th year old lieutenant Yahyha jammeh intervene in politics to oust democratically elected government of Sir Dawda kairaba Jawara. The junta accused the government of Jawara for corruption, nepotism, political patronage and so on and so forth. They promise to return the country (Gambia) to civilian rule after the two year transition in the name of good governance and democracy.

History offer a clear verdict that, Jammeh became worse than Jawara. His presidency marks the genesis of authentic dictatorship in The Gambia.  22 years of Jammeh’s rule was a tragic experience for the Gambians. There was detention without trial, no academic freedom, disappearance, murder, no freedom of expression, the economic was weaken, high rate of corruption, nepotism, lack of merit base employment and political patronage. The national assembly became a stooge and subservient to Jammeh to the detriment of the entire Gambian people.

December, 2016 mark a turning point in the political history of the Gambia, for the first time The Gambia experience a change of government through the ballot.  The Gambians have voted for democracy, good governance, human rights and freedom of expression. It is huge a disappointment that Barrow administration is not living up to expectation. President Barrow, establish a foundation and a youth movement which is a replica of Jammeh foundation and green youth, if a foundation is what president barrow want to run, let him resign as president of the republic of the Gambia and run a foundation. The foundation will lead to corruption and political patronage to the detriment of the masses.  Our electricity supply remain erotic, education system is getting weak by the day, unemployment is on the rise, and our health system is weak.

It is an insult to the youth of the Gambia under the new political dispensation to appoint Musa Suso an ex drug convict who is not a youth to serve as adviser to President Barrow on youth matters. Musa Suso is unpopular, he lack the experience, clue and expertise to give best advice on youth matter.

In conclusion, our security is at stake and I call on urgent security reforms. It is a disgrace for The Gambia police force for unable to curb the incident that happened in Busumbla. It is pathetic that the ECOMIG forces intervene to calm the dust. Another tragic security failure which could be slap on the government is the entrance of the general Tamba and Mendy, who were close enablers of Jammeh regime. The president admit a security failure yet he haven’t visit any of the barracks to orient, brief and counsel the military as commander in chief to earn the confidence of the military.

I agree with Dr. Ismaila ceesay and I strong support his statement that “The presence of the regional forces will not prevent long term security if the president does not win the trust of the army” It is a shame on the government violating the rights of Dr. Ismaila Ceesay by arbitrary arresting and detaining him for exercising his democratic right. The interviewed Dr. Ismaila Ceesay made on voice newspaper should be a lesson for the government to ginger up and work on the security sector for a common good. The University of the Gambia’s political science Lecturer and Gambia’s leading political scientist and analyst respectively was the first to denounce dictator Jammeh during the political deadlock through the university of The Gambia, also contributed immensely to the creation of the model of the truth and reconciliation commission through a seminar organized at law faculty attended by Attorney general of Chamber, minister of justice Ba Tambedou. Minister Tambedou echoed “Dr. Ceesay have made our work easier”. Dr. Ismaila Ceesay deserve respect from the government and the entire Gambian populace. I condemn his detention and I stand in solidarity with him. I advise him not to allow to be bailed until he is told what crimes he committed, the so-call charges on him are waved and the police and government apologize publicly.

‘I rather die young in dignity than to die old in servitude’.

By: Muhammed Lamin Dibba

Political Science Student, university of The Gambia. 

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