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Christmas homilies preach peace, unity


Leaders of the three Christian denominations in The Gambia have preached peace, unity and the cultivation of love and understanding among the fellowship of Gambian society.The messages came from homilies marking the birth of Jesus better known as Christmas, an event commemorated on December 25 of every year.

Bishop Robert Patrick Ellison of the Roman Catholic church, Reverend Hannah Caroline Faal, Bishop of the Methodist Church and Reverend Canon James Allen Yaw Odico, leader of the Anglican Church in The Gambia appeared on state television, enjoining citizens to show common understanding and tolerance in their undertakings with others.

They described the Christian event as a sobering moment of reflection, reconciliation and supplication to God over His bounteous blessings on earth and in the hereafter.

Churches have been full to overflowing with solemn worshippers praying and signing hymns to the glory of Jesus. 


Out in the streets, celebrations especially in the capital Banjul, took the form of street fanfares punctuated by colourful, musical masquerades and dance.

In a multi-religious society like The Gambia, Christians and Muslims were indistinguishable from each other as they joined the merrymaking.

Just a year ago, Christmas and New year festivities were subdued in The Gambia where political uncertainly hung over a post-election dispute which threatened to degenerate into a full-blown conflict.

Source: APA

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