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Benjamin Holst - the shameless beggar who has been scamming the world with his big leg - has found love and got married in the Gambia.


Pictures on his Facebook page showed his bride who seemed to be a tall local woman with a dark complexion. 

Mr Holst seemed euphoric after the nuptials yesterday and received messages of support as well as negative comments from his detractors.

Some even suggested he could change his name and head back to Thailand, though though he is likely to be recognized due to the large leg he uses to get donations.

He has been referred to as "The Most Hated German in Thailand" after being deported from the kingdom and blacklisted. 

A while back, he called the Thai people stupid for believing his tall stories. 

He was deported after getting lots of sympathetic donations in Bangkok - then going to Pattaya where he blew the cash on booze and prostitutes.

Since then he has been travelling Asia and the rest of the world looking for a place that might have him.

This now appears to be the Gambia where he said last month that he had fallen in love. 

Source: Thai Visa News

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