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The Revised budget 2017 November


Office of the president GMD731,653,501.00

National assembly GMD94,397,999.00

Judiciary GMD62,275,000.00

IEC GMD45,302,237.00

Public service commission GMD6,457,101.00

National Audit Office GMD97,646,818.00

Ministry of Defence GMD516,788,107.00

Ministry of Interior GMD557,659,347.00

Ministry of Tourism and culture GMD22,560,000.00

Ministry of foreign affairs GMD678,980.01

Ministry of justice GMD69,558,364.00

Ministry of finance & Economic affairs GMD664,966,264.00

Pensions and Gratuities GMD130,000.00

Office of OmbudsmaN GMD17,106,399.00

Centralized service GMD258,000,000.00

Ministry of Land and Regional government GMD59,240,611.00

Ministry of Agriculture GMD275,867,580.00

ministry of transport,works and infrastructure GMD386,448,496.00

Ministry of trade,industry,regional integration and employment GMD89,853,040.00

Ministry of basic and secondary education GMD1,659,126,109.00

Ministry of health and social welfare GMD794,866,909.00

Ministry of youths and sports GMD58,521,738.00

Ministry of environment,climate change,water resources and wildlife GMD189,974,807.00

Ministry of information,communication and infrastructure GMD16,625,711.00

Ministry of fisheries GMD14,700,000.00

Ministry of Higher Education Research,Science and technology GMD237,504,649.00

Ministry of energy GMD19,978,394.00 Ministry of petroleum GMD10,550,842.00

National Debt GMD4,363,982,000.00 

Total Appropriation= GMD12,100,592,030.00


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