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Former president Jammeh was siphoning donations from Taiwan into his private funds and accounts and festivals


The revelations were made by Mr. Sallah, Managing Director for Trust Bank Ltd, who appeared before the commission looking into the business dealings and affairs of the former head of state, sitting this morning, the 27 November 2017. 

Mr. Sallah revealed that an account was opened at Trust Bank around the year 2010 and some Taiwanese embassy officials and these funds from the Taiwanese in the form of grants were transferred in private accounts and private funds set up by the former head of state. Million of dollars were stolen from these public funds and used for festivals and Yaya Jammeh's private business.

Under question by Commissioner Bai Mass Saine, the MD of Trust Bank, said they had a procedure of not asking questions when the accounts involve the former head of state which are in contravention of compliance rules of banking that are set up to prevent things like this, money laundering, regardless of who the account holders are. 

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