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President Adama Barrow to move to the State House in Banjul, as the economy grows by 5%, from 2.2%

barrow and halifa

President Barrow has finally been given the clearance to move into the official residence of the presidency of the Gambia and will move by Monday according to insiders of the office of the president. Barrow has been living and working at Fajara, the former residence of the former vice president after moving from a private resident in January. 

The president was proceeded by the vice president Fatoumata Tambajang who moved to her office in the state house earlier this year. The Gambia's central bank governor Mr. Bakary Jammeh told the nation that the Gambian currency carrying the former dictator's photo will be changed to reflect the wishes of the Gambian people.

There has been a lot economic improvements however subtle, that shows a big move from the old uncertain days to a more robust national economy with the dalasi appreciating against almost all major currencies whilst it takes its way to taking its rightful place in the world market, which was the envy of the sub-region before the soldiers rudely burst into the scene. With reports of at least 2% growth since January, despite all the odds, with economist forecasting a robust rise as more projects are approved by the national assembly and more building projects soon starting, as well as general confidence in the coalition government and economy.  It is a forecast that even the unemployment rate will fall significantly very soon. 

The interest rates at its lowest for inter bank and consumer debts, for decades at least than 10%, this is hoped to be driven even further to affordable rates and in line with the interest rate that savers get for their deposits, which stand at a meager 5% compared to the rate for borrowing. 


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