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The First Congress of the Europe Branch of the PDOIS took place at East London University on Saturday, 14th October 2017. Delegates came from UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Spain. The UK Chapter of the European Branch hosted the Congress. The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr Faye Suso who indicated that the outgoing officers were just playing a symbolic role as the members prepare to elect a new leadership. Mrs Annetta Paps-King welcomed the guests including the Secretary General of the Party who was invited to grace the Occasion. 

The Outgoing Chairperson Mr Alhagie Jobe from Germany gave the opening remarks highlighting the strides the branch and the party in general made over the years to awaken the Gambian people and provide consistent and principled leadership which had earn the party respect and integrity since its birth. He called on members to build on that tradition of promoting the awareness and protecting the interest, dignity and integrity of the Gambian people and all peoples at large.

The Secretary General, on his part, emphasised the fact that the party is a school for citizenship, membership and leadership. He congratulated the Europe branch for the historic effort to convene a congress to take stock and prepare a way forward. He encouraged members to bear in mind that the party arose not to help the few to acquire executive and parliamentary post but to educate the Gambian masses to be conscious of their right to sovereign existence as owners of power and determinants of those who are to legitimately exercise executive and legislative to promote the liberty, dignity, prosperity and general welfare of the people. He emphasised that the Branches are the extension arms of the party and have the right to coordinate all party activities in their localities. This includes setting up Country Chapters and Area Chapters within Countries. He said the role of a party member is to learn and educate all on their citizenship rights and duties, inspire those who become sovereign citizens to embrace the party policies and become party members or supporters and seek sufficient knowledge of how the country is and ought to be governed to assume leadership role.  

Mr Sulayman Bah, the treasurer gave a statement of Account.

The delegates then proceeded to be divided into working groups to examine the draft rules and procedures of the branch as provided for by Article 89 of the Party Constitution. The four working groups deliberated on four themes, namely membership consolidation and expansion, review of the draft rules and procedures of the branch, Citizenship membership and leadership Education and Sustainable Funding of Party activities.

The AGM adopted all the four proposed resolutions and recommendations attached to the four themes of the working group. The AGM then gave the signal for Ms Awa Bah to conduct the election of the officers who will conduct the affairs of the branch for the next year or two years.

The following were elected:

1. Chairperson: Faye Suso

Co-Chairperson: Alhagie Jobe
Vice Chair: Abdoulie Jawo

Co-Vice Chair: Assan Touray

2. Secretary: Annetta Paps-King & Landing Nyassi

3. Financial Committee

Chair: Sulayman Bah

Member: Muhammad Bai Drammeh

Member: Landing Alkalo Sanyang

4. Media & Communication

Chair: Buharry Gassama

Member: Kejau Touray

Member: Awa Bah

Member: Sulayman Bah

Member: Landing Nyassi

Member: Edrissa Jah

The AGM received the closing address form the Secretary General of the party. The AGM was followed by a three-hour dialogue between the Secretary General of the party with the Diaspora.  More details of the highlights will be disseminated in due course. The executive wish to thank everyone for attending and for the immense contribution in making this AGM a success.

The End

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