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Ministers urged to use tax payers money for work and and not party politics


Ministers especially those who are party heads are being urged to use government resources including travel fare and per diems for government work only instead of mixing ministerial tasks with party politics, as more civil servants come before the Janneh commission into theft and rampant embezzlement of the former regime. 

This warning has been sounded as the president traveled with a delegation to the UN and met diaspora Gambians in a non-partisan meeting but some of the ministers, notably the UDP leader Mr. Darboe again used the time and therefore tax payers money paid to him in the form of per diems for travelling expenses during official trips, to meet and greet with his party supporters, in contravention of the rules of the financial code which stated that state resources should be used for state functions only. 

This warning came after the same minister, Darboe, responsible for diaspora Gambians reminded us of the smaller number of people at a similar event organised by his party for all the ministers in London, which was turned into a party event and not a state function as it should have been. This is the same situation where many officials are paid per diems whilst on annual leave. 

Although this may be seen as many as negligible, it is contraventions like these that lead to rampant corruption and commissions if left unchecked as ministers should not be placed at better advantage than the rest of the party leaders in the looking after their party members abroad or at home and if ministers are allowed to use state funds to visit their party members and the rest of the party leaders who are not ministers are left to fend for themselves, this is worse than mere stealing. A word to the wise is enough as we are not going to be bystanders anymore but will to take anyone to court to ensure that they do not contravene our laws especially financial laws. 


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