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Failures and successes in diplomacy of The Gambia


International diplomacy is essential in enforcing our foreign policies and international businesses and trades, and the recent cases of mainly the former regime as well as the looming threats of taking this government to arbitrations shows our failures in diplomacy and that did cost us dearly in the past, which burden we still endure. Successful diplomacy is negotiating successful outcomes for both parties so that it will not even reach arbitration which brings its own cost in legal and court fees. To reach a successful outcome without loosing out on our interest, the government should deploy its best diplomats and with the required communication and negotiations skill to represent the government and the people's best interest in this and other international trades and representations. Successful negotiations involve not giving up without the desired outcome and keeping the dialogue open and weighing the different outcomes. The government must however be commended for bringing Gambia back into the international organisations such as the Commonwealth as well as revoking the former regimes request to leave the International Criminal Court, as those actions reversed the failings of our democracy. Also the recent negotiations among our opposition political leaders to forge a coalition that successfully ousted a dictator of 22 years without bloodshed is a great example of a diplomacy by our leaders and getting ECOMIG in to help us out with our security is also a great historic success of diplomacy.

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