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Coalition government appointed UDP surrogates to diplomatic missions


The coalition government headed by Adama Barrow has once again appointed UDP supporters in the diaspora and at home as members of the diplomatic corp recently to missions in UK, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, South Africa. The appointed officials are staunch supporters of the UDP in the diaspora and included Suntou Touray, Bamba Mass, Lamin Dibba and others. It will be recalled that other UDP supporters, including Jainaba Bah, Alkali Conteh were appointed as ambassadors months ago, prompting commentators to lament that the whole diplomatic corp are UDP surrogates except two APRC supporters, who also hailed from the same town as the UDP leader. The appointments of the Badjies, father and son, who were staunched supporters of the former dictator were reappointed amidst controversy and outcry even by these same UDP supporters. 

It is obviously better to have UDP than APRC supporters in the embassies but taking only them, which prompted one of those appointed, Dibba to famously say that anyone who wants a diplomatic position in this government should join the UDP. Other party heads like the PPP have also appointed their supporters to their various departments prompting others to comment that the nepotism we will see in the next government, may be more than that experienced during the Jawara era. At the moment, until something changes, all new appointments by the government in diplomatic missions are in fact UDP.  

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