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Reed Brody nicknamed the dictator hunter turns his attention to bringing Jammeh to Justice

reed brody

The dictator hunter who brought Hisene Habre to justice 25 years after his alleged offences of crimes against humanity, has now turn his attention to seeking justice for the victims of dictator Jammeh. Commenting on his twitter handle, @reedbrody, earlier this morning, Reed Brody, the lawyer said he was happy to return to the human rights watch to help the victims of Jammeh get justice. 

You will recall that Habre was found guilty by a court in Senegal last year for crimes against humanity and sentenced to life imprisonment, was only possible with the perseverance of his victims and their allies, such as the human rights watch and their wonderful lawyer, Mr. Brody. 

The Truth and Reconciliations Commissioned to be set up soon by an act of parliament will hope to bring to light the brutality of the former dictator and his henchmen to give opportunities to those victims and perpetrators to come forward and share their stories. At the moment, the chosen commissioners are on a nationwide tour to gauge and take on board the suggestions of the general public before formally establishing the commission. 

Jammeh and some of his henchmen are holed up in Equatorial Guinea whilst the rest have been charged and brought before military authorities and awaiting trial. 

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