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Transportation chaos in The Gambia as drivers refuse to reduce prices as agreed to with government


Our reporters this morning, report chaos in an around Banjul as drivers plying these routes refused to reduce the prices of the fares as they had agreed with government to do. It should be recalled that the government of the Gambia, through its ministers had to intervene to tell the drivers to reduce the fares as the price of fuel had been reduced a number of times by the government foregoing some of the tax it collects, this however did not result it the reciprocal reduction of fares by the drivers. This resulted in the intervention by the government. 

Other commodities have seen similar trends with the government reducing the tax it collects as it moves from the last government's tax based economy to reduce the high inflation of goods and services experienced during the 22 years of brutal rule. The cement, flour and other commodities taxes were also reduced without the sellers reciprocating the reduction resulting in only them gaining whilst the population suffers. 

In support of the government's action, we urge like minded businessmen to enter into these business and reduce the prices or better still for the government to strengthen its stance and also enter into the transport of the public business as well as other commodities to ensure that there is enough competition to the drivers. 

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