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Culpability and Complicity to Dictatorship.


By Dr. Binneh Minteh

Now that the Commissions are Slowly Tracing Yaya Jammehs Prints on The World Map, Let no one be surprised by the role played by

most of us in entrenching the dictator.

In simple terms those who willingly received monies from the vicious dictator were complicit and culpable for the dictatorship to the core. The main point here is one of moral conscience.

At the time such monies were paid, the recipients very well understood that dictatorship was taking a toll on the nation, yet they took the monies any way. And no gun was pointed to their heads to take the monies.

Arguably mitigating factors may be considered for lesser accountability or punishment, but they cannot be absolved from culpability or complicity to dictatorship.This is so because as humans, we have the moral conscience to distinguish between right and wrong.

And those who received monies from Jammeh knew very well that he was a predator of human rights and human dignity. Perhaps they should apologize to the nation for their degree of complicity to dictatorship.

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice" ( Dr. Martin Luther King).

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