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Gambia's waste management woes and how to tackle them

halifa at waste management

The recent community protest at the Bakoteh Dumpsite has sparked this paper's interest in the way and manner we handle our waste management and spurred the editor and other staffs to take on the all important crusade of waste management and the ways the government can collaborate with the private sector to tackle to waste management issue. 

Presently all our waste managements are done in  open dumpsites which are hazards of their own with every municipality taking care of the waste by incineration mainly and our reporters have seen no signs of composting, landfills or any other scientific ways of waste management, and the fact that even e waste and hazardous waste have not received the full attention of the previous two governments. 

Recently members of the national assembly were briefed about the plans of government to fence the dumpsite and the collaboration efforts underway with the fire service to ensure rapid response. We welcome that development but call on the government to invite and create policy papers on the way forward for tackling waste management, hopefully in the scientific way, to encourage composing of these bio waste, which is the majority, about 50% of our waste. Composting techniques will help the environment, create jobs as well as provide valuable manure for farms, hotel landscaping as well as help feed the marine gardening projects overseas and abroad. 

This newspaper will await for such a comprehensive action if none is forth coming, it will take upon itself to start gathering those policy recommendations and interview known Gambian experts at home and abroad on how to tackle waste in our communities. As waste management done correctly can help prevent a lot of diseases, enhance agriculture, create jobs, etc. 

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