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Mama Kandeh, withdrew his false allegations when questioned by police


The leader of The Gambia’s Democratic Congress, Mamma Kandeh has been questioned by police after accusing President Adama Barrow of corruption. An impeccable source at the Ministry of Communications, Information Technology on Thursday said that Mr. Kandeh was invited to the police headquarters in Banjul to answer questions about sweeping allegations and to help the police in recovering the alleged stolen funds, which allegations he had made that officials of the new administration had pilfered monies loaned to The Gambia by its foreign donors.

Other reports suggest that Mr Kandeh had handed himself in to the police after he was requested to report to the Serious Crime Unit of the police headquarters over the allegations.

According to police sources, the GDC leader had defended his allegations against the government, saying they were political statements.

His questioning by the police has not been independently verified.

 The 51-year old last week took a brutal swipe at the government, accusing its officials of embezzling monies given to The Gambia by the international community.

Mr Kandeh came last in the December 1 2016 presidential election with 17 percent of the votes behind incumbent Yahya Jammeh and winner Adama Barrow  


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