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Unity is possible if we compromise

Gambian Leaders

We urge our leaders to unite as soon as possible and elect a leader among them either by asking the people directly in the form of primaries as they did in the last election or by elections among themselves, with the latter more likely due to hostilities towards primaries from UDP in the past. 

Threatening them with staying at home on elections day if they failed to unite into one entity instead of two coalitions is counter productive and has singularly been responsible for our plight today. The fact remains that we can still defeat Jammeh at the polls even with all parties going on their own as power belongs to the people and this time around the people intend to exercise it. Let us not forget the importance of parliamentary elections too, as they are the real deal when it comes to governance and law making, which two, Jammeh has used over the years to hold the nation hostage. Our thoughts are what manifests, let's empower our people as true power belongs to them instead of extolling tyranny, thereby empowering it even if inadvertently. Power to the Gambian people.


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