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kandeh and his surrogates

GDC's Kandeh throws accusation of pilferage of donations by the government without offering proof

Mama Kandeh, the leader of the GDC party has once again thrown accusations of theft by the coalition government during a meeting and as usual, has not offered any proof or further information to buttress this serious allegation. Kandeh accused the government of stealing funds donated by the EU to Gambians, without saying how, when and why. 

Kandeh was part of the APRC parliament for at least a decade before being sacked by their brute of a party leader for allegedly going ahead with the ECOWAS parliament to endorse a two term limit by the body at the chagrin of his party leader, the dictator of Kanilai. Kandeh's GDC was part of the coalition formation when he went away to Dakar for weeks, for what many fear, was threats against him by the dictator. He promptly came back though on the last day of the coalition formation proceedings, only to pull his party out without any explanation, which many fear, was to abide by threats given by Yaya Jammeh. 

Kandeh and the GDC eventually were disappointed with only 5 seats, despite the tribalism, his followers openly employed to get more votes, accusing those fulas who do not support them as betrayers of their people and he went to accuse the IEC of theft just like his former party leader but took no actions to contest the results in a court of law. He also said that the ECOMIG troops should leave the country and he was accused of trying to bring his former master Jammeh back from exile. 

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