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Barrow and APCL

APCL - Barrow Government Objectives and Agreement with APCL

The article is further proof that Gambia, under President Barrow, wants both to comply with international agreements and more or less must. Gambia wants to participate in the international finale and gain influence and be part of international politics. They want to show that they are an attractive democracy. All steps taken by Barrow government since its entry into the same direction = showing the world that Gambia is trustworthy and democratic, wanting to be part of the international community (which has not been since 1994), attracting international investors and financial support From the international community. 

Points = It would be devastating, counterproductive and opposed to President Barrow's political goal of breaking the agreement with APCL. 

Com / 2017/07/22 / gambia-formalizes-return-commonwealth / Gambia formalizes return to Commonwealth 

The West African nation of the Gambia has formalized its return to the Commonwealth of Nations four years after leaving the organization to break from its colonial past . 

The Gambia has been a member of the Commonwealth until 2013 when ex-autocratic ruler Yahya Jammeh unilaterally withdrew from the group calling it a "neo-colonial institution." 

The decision raised concern in the UK and was part of a general anti-Western stance Adopted by Jammeh, who in 2016 also withdrew Gambia from the International Criminal Court (ICC), which his then-information minister Sheriff Bojang described as an "International Criminal Court. 

" Gambia's Foreign Secretary Ousainou Darboe was at Marlboro House where he signed the formal documents for The Gambia's return on Friday. 

Since Jammeh's departure, Barrow's administration has reversed some of the former ruler's critical decisions, including his attempt to withdraw the country from the International Criminal Court and named it an Islamic Republic. 

Gambia will become just the fourth country to return to the Commonwealth after leaving it, following South Africa, Pakistan, and Fiji. 

Rejoining the Commonwealth has been one of President Barrow's top priorities as it is part of a wider process of rebuilding ties severed during Jammeh's 22 years in power. 

Membership of the Commonwealth brings with it a certain prestige. Medlemsstatene får politisk og ekonomisk support, och en forum för Gambia att ha en större roll på frågor som påverkar det, t.ex. klimatförändring. 

Gambia has been fought as an example of democracy taking root in Africa after peacefully negotiating its way through a post-election crisis.

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