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Halifa Sallahe received as a hero of the impasse as he tours the continent of north Europe

halifa in Norway

It is this time of the year that Gambians all over the world, get together to celebrate their cultures, known common as the cultural week. In Norway this cultural year's cultural week was last week and the guest speakers who are mainly the same people from the tourism board, had a change this year, with two prominent Gambians, the legendary strong man of PDOIS, hon. Halifa Sallah and the legendary footballer, Bai Malleh Wadda, a mayoral candidate of Banjul city council,  as well as the permanent secretary and senior officials of the ministry of tourism were also invited to attended. 

Halifa had a very packed schedule in Oslo this year, visiting many places such as the waste management center, the parliament as well as the Olso peace center. He also met with Gambians afterwards, in a widely broadcast engagements, which many see as very fruitful and beneficial to those viewers, the attendees as well as Gambians at large. 

Sallah started the discussions reminding Gambians of how we came to be where we are today as well as answered many concerns of Gambians including the thorny issue of why he and his party members are not present in the cabinet. True to his words and initiative of bringing the coalition together, Sallah refused to be cowed into telling the gathering the reason as it may bring the coalition he fought so hard to bring about down to its knees, though many suspect it was the way the MOU was handled by the UDP leadership after they were released from prison, that prompted Sallah and his government in waiting to go into parliament instead of joining the executive.

Sallah continues his tour during the weekend to Gutenburg and then Stockholm in Sweden and will later meet Gambians in Germany later this week. 

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