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Gambians and diplomacy in the modern world.

Gambia house oslo

Diplomacy is the execution of our international policy and the management of our international affairs as the textbook definitions but we all know that diplomacy is much more than that, as an interaction between the Gambia and the outside world including Gambians abroad are done by these diplomats. Under the Vienna Conventions on diplomatic relations 1961, which defines diplomacy as creating friendly relations between countries, including being cognisant of those relations, comprehending it and finding better solutions should be their aim in modern Gambia. 

Politics and politicians, though important in diplomacy, but should be more focus on statesmanship and interactions with local populations, and the Harold Nicholson diplomacy of negotiator between states but also between individuals, organisations, political bodies and the state of The Gambia. 

Our foreign services are the eye of the world when it comes to The Gambia, therefore the quality of these individuals cannot be over-emphasised, with skills such as negotiations and tact are paramount. From classical texts on diplomacy, such as The Prince by Machiavelli, talks about princes and princesses rising out our of new republic, 'either in the arms of others or on their own strength', acting with great tack and civility and Ricordi of Guicciardini, all reminds of the diplomacy of Benjamin Franklin and his legendary diplomacy in the American Civil War and of course Neuman's Sublime Diplomacy: Byzantine, Early Modern, Contemporary

Therefore appointments of these individuals should not be based purely on who she knows or who the father is close to in the ministries but on concrete foundations of skills and experience and the treatment of our citizens even former ones and those very critical of the coalition government should be exemplary and not threatening. 



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