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Senegal comes to The Gambia's aid again with electricity crisis


SENELEC, Senegal's national power supplier has agreed to export some of its 200MW surplus power to The Gambia, according to Thierno Alassane Sall, the Senegalese minister for energy. The Gambia needs 150MW for its entire power needs, therefore SENELEC can easily supply that without exhausting its surplus, the rest SENELEC wishes to sell to other neighbouring countries like Mali. 


The Gambia is facing serious power shortage for months now due to unpaid debts from government agencies as well as acute mismanagement during the dictatorial days. As water is produced from power, this acute shortage has resulted in water shortages in some parts of the country. 

Senegal, it can be recalled also used it UN non permanent seat and also encouraged ECOWAS to end the political impasse that engulfed their sisterly republic for weeks following the dictator's refusal to step down after being defeated in a coalition led presidential elections. Senegal and The Gambia are inseparable, as they share everything and were divided by the colonial powers about 100 years ago. Recently both Senegal came about with vast amount of offshore oil, that many said will end poverty in these two lovely nations. 


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