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Halifa Sallah's Press Conference Greatly Misunderstood

Halifa Sallah

The recent press conference by the Secretary General of People's Democracy Organisation for Independence and Socialism, PDOIS, has sparked a furore of comments on Social media. What is clear from this press conference is that many of the commentators either did not listen to the press conference or either their grasp of English, the official language leaves a lot to be desired or downright malice aforethought towards this national hero whose stance during the impasse, may have saved our nation.  

First of all, Halifa never said that the properties of the former dictator needed protection or any similar comment. Far from that, what Halifa said was that there are those who said the soldiers are in Kanilai to protect those properties whilst the protestors saw the soldiers are occupation forces. 

Halifa Sallah was also said to have said that there is a standing agreement between the people of the Gambia and the former monster of Kanilai to the effect that he monster's properties and his supporters will be protected. What Halifa Sallah said unequivocally, was to remind Gambians of how the ECOMIG soldiers came to be in Kanilai and only those with selective amnesia will want to forget about those faithful days and the agreement reached. 

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