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Rule of law and not of conscience or opinion expected in The Gambia

The rule of law, "the restriction of the arbitrary exercise of power by subordinating it to well-defined and established laws. when military dictators fall, the democrats who follow them must try to restore the rule of law", according to google. The rule of law indeed is one of the bastions of our freedom where the established law governs our rights and freedoms rather than the law as decided by one person, official or supporter, and should never be subordinate to the desires of any incumbent government or is supporters. 

Many would be sycophants have started calling the constitution as Yaya's and many more narrated the fact that the last vice president in the criminal government of Yahya Jammeh was also over the age limit, and want to excuse this blatant disregard of our constitution on some flimsy excuse knowing fully well that this government cannot be measured with the same yard stick as the criminal government it replaced. 

What is clear is that Mrs. Tambajang worked for the former president Jawara's wife for years and then later for Yaya Jammeh as a minister and then for the UNDP and in fact retired from the UNDP, and therefore must be over 65 years or older, otherwise, as a public servant, she has to come out and explain to the people the reason she accepted or not, the appointments as well as the reason for the acceptance or non-acceptance and the issue of the age limit. 

She may be our hero, but cannot start giving the government blank cards to flaunt the constitution, even though the constitution may need a lot of tuning to satisfy the rule of law but until after such announcements, we cannot do the same we accuse Jammeh of, to ensure we never have dictatorship ever again in our country.

Those sycophants accusing good folks of being constitutional experts overnight just because they do not like the law they are being reminded of, let them know that no amount of sycophancy, name calling or insults will prevent us from holding government to account. These provisions are present in every body's mind that was the reason Darboe could not contest and it will be grossly unfair to Darboe to appoint Jalow as VP flaunting such laws. She is very capable and can therefore function in other ministries, especially the one she served in under Jammeh. 

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