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Yaya Jammeh begs for forgiveness as he abandons his defiant stance but still confusing Gambians

yaya lost

Yaya Jammeh on midnight on Tuesday to early Wednesday morning, 11 January, 8 days before his constitutional term expires, suddenly wanted to address the nation, with some people staying up late to hear what the devil of Kanilai has in him to tell the nation, that could not wait until the next day. Yaya, came on air as promised and started with an outrageous statement that only the constitution can declare someone as president, which cannot be far from the truth, as the will of the people chose the president, according to the first paragraph, which stated that the sovereignty of the state lies with the people of The Gambia, meaning not even the courts that delay or refuse the will of the people. 

He promised to appoint his newly appointed secretary general, who replaced Samba, who tendered his resignation with the some of his cabinet colleagues, to look into mediation and drafting of laws to help indemnify him and his thugs, even if only for the lifetime of the current parliament, which ends in March after the national assembly elections. This is totally unnecessary as the coalition government gave their words to treat him like Jawara, the first president who stayed for thirty years before being ousted by the outgoing president. 

The outgoing dictator, further promised to stop the illegal arrest and detention of Gambians by his notorious security apparatus without hinting on the opening of radio stations, whose closure he illegally sanctioned, too, to hang unto power at all cost, even if to the detriment of his followers. The devil of Kanilai, as he is often called by this paper, went further to beg forgiveness on his behalf and on behalf of the 'the political class', without further asking Gambians for complete forgiveness, for the numerous atrocities he committed against Gambians and other west Africans. 


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