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Gambians thanks God for ECOWAS, especially Senegal, others they might have had to take it alone

Rebel Yaya

Gambians are left with no choice really, in the fact the outgoing president is refusing to step down and has never been intending to step down since 1994. It is like I rule by force, I came by the gun and will go by the gun. This is Yahya Jammeh telling Gambians that I will rule by force. Funny if not tragic, that he want to commit suicide with other fine officers and men. 

Most soldiers will not fight for Yaya Jammeh. In fact almost all of them moved their families from the barracks and have been going to work with spare civilian clothes in case Senegal led ECOWAS, forces attack, hoping to be able to throw their weapons and melt with the crowd. No soldier even Yaya's inner circle will need to go down with Yaya when he faces the western country's court for drug trafficking. For no one else is liable for those offences, except him. He may even want to neutralise soldiers who know those so called secrets. He must have forgotten satellites and digital evidence. 

Gambians will be able to forgive any soldier or civil servant who abused his offence in the past if they do not cross the line and commit treason with Yaya Jammeh and of course it will be a tragedy if he commits suicide, as Senegal are determined as ever to ensure their neighbouring country is once again not turn into a war zone, as they dutifully did during 1981 coup attempts. 

Is it time for us to say, thank you, big brother and start looking for further cooperation especially in security. It is not hard to envisage the same way the rebels Kukoi Samba was crushed by Senegalese army. This will be a lot easier with only a handful of men ready to die with Jammeh if necessary. 



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