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Gambians surer of tomorrow than ever, despite one of the longest month


Gambians are surer of their place in history now than ever, despite many complaining of living in one of the longest months in their recent history due to the tragic attempts by the outgoing president to rule the country by force, in the face of ECOWAS troops ready to do the necessary to ensure the will of the people stand. Gambia's Young Scientific group, called on the incoming president as one of the many groups and organisations meeting and showing solidarity with the president elect and his much anticipated government. 

"The youths will be given the opportunities and be empowered to utilise their talents for the developement of our Nation", President - Elect Barrow said during the meeting with the Young Gambian Scientists Association ,YGSA. 

Despite the rumours and cry baby attitude of the outgoing president, resulting in many moving upcountry just like it happened during the elections, the good will keeps pouring and the much needed message being sent to all politicians, present and in the future, that Gambians will never allow any politician to treat them anyhow they like. Life will never be the same in the Gambia, as we enjoy our newly found freedom. 

Even the outgoing dictator, in his new year message of defiance, promised that his government if pardoned by Gambians, will bring in more regard to human rights and the rule of law, which was met by a very loud no, that Yaya will never rule our nation again, even over this paper's dead body. 

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