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The Gambia Armed Forces stand by president elect Barrow


Reports reaching this paper shows that the majority of the Gambia armed forces are standing by president elect Barrow despite the propaganda by the outgoing president and his chief of staff, Bargie showing otherwise. Even the some of the generals contacted as well 3/4 of the colonels and other rank and files, said they will all stand with the incoming president and will not commit treason on the 19 January, with the handful of Jammeh's die-hard supporters, if Jammeh chose to ignore international warnings and the will of the Gambian people. 

Jammeh is doing all he can in the last days of his presidency to destabilise the nation with rumours as well as to enable him to succeed in changing minds of the ECOWAS regional bloc not to send in troops. These are both futile attempts as with or without ECOWAS, Gambians will remove Jammeh by hook or by crook and his childish propaganda will not affect the decision of ECOWAS. 

Most soldiers who we could talked to vowed allegiance to the nation and the incoming president, as the soldiers are most persecuted, jailed, killed, tortured, members of the community, and there is so much distrust among them. Many rank and files soldiers have promised to throw their weapons and leave if the incumbent stays on beyond 19 January, especially if the ECOWAS troops move in. Most soldiers in the state house are in fact the poorly trained police intervention unit, including the aide de camp (ADC) to the outgoing president, as Yaya Jammeh does not trust anyone and had a policy of creating mistrust between the units. 

In fact there is so much mistrust and paranoia towards the armed forces by the outgoing that there has never been a military exercise since 1994 and officers who attempt to bring the armed forces to the standards, Lt. Col. Vincent Jatta are often accused of plotting a coup and often arrested, tortured until his demise. Yaya trust no one especially the military and cannot fool us by cheap propaganda that the military is behind him, knowing fully well that he posed the biggest risk to our nation and that Senegal will not rest until he is removed and the longer he stays, the more his chance of negotiating for him and his family are being withdrawn. 

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