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Kuyateh and others arrested of #Gambiadecides, release and in good health

The arrest Gambians in connection to wearing #GambiaDecided t-shirts have been release yesterday after strong warning of the office of the president elect showing concern and reminding the outgoing president's office of their majority support in the country and to honour human rights of citizens, as it does not want to 'take over a government where the rights of the citizens is not honoured and respected'. 

This paper and other notable Gambians added its call to citizens to resist illegal arrests and tell the arresting officers to go away and come with a warrant, otherwise they will be called out as thieves, and also identify and share IDs. 

We urged our brothers in the security to do the right thing and no be found complicit in Yaya's treachery, otherwise there will be no excuse, by the 19 January 2017, when Yaya Jammeh leaves office. 



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