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Gambian president elect Adama barrow, winning all hearts and minds of Gambians

The coalition leadership has shown leadership from Dec 1, 2016, after their tumultuous victory over the outgoing president and has been receiving good will from not only the entire international community, but also Gambians of all categories. From the religious leaders to the communities, individuals and even a brave soldier!

Their response and the calm demeanour and educated and systemic approach to national issues, shows a bright future for democracy in The Gambia. Even the opposition leaders went to see president elect and his team. 

Despite this achievements, the outgoing president is at his usual propaganda of spreading fear in the population and distorting reality, using state television and some uncanny security operatives. Alas, even those people are doing it so very reluctantly as the days draws to couple of weeks to go. Yaya still manages spread rumours, terror and fear into a population, even the junglers refusing to take his orders, isolating him further into lesser bargaining power as the day draws near. 

Yaya, with barely a section of hard core loyal men, are cornered and at the mercy of these great Gambian leaders, who learned to get on with it together, during the coalition building process and of course during their marathon, 20 hours a day, presidential elections tour. They have consistently offered the outgoing president a dignified exit but at the same time showing that are indeed in control, with majority of the population plus the GDC voters, even sycophants of the APRC do not support his decision to stay in power. 


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