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Outgoing Dictator Jammeh more isolated than ever, as even his APRC party abandons him

The incumbent president Jammeh, who has been not seen in public since his week before last meeting with the money grabbing so call African Bar Association, is more lonely than ever as more of his party members, sycophants and mobilisers abandon him. The latest to tell him to go away, is the APRC kombo north party members and before then his die hard supporters of Foni Jarrol, who paid a courtesy visit to the incoming president to show solidarity and support with people of the Gambia. 

Jammeh may have won all seats in Foni, the region where he hails from, in what many said, was a vote purely on tribal lines, as Foninkas suffered more in the hand of the hand of the monster than anyone else. The outgoing tyrant is more isolated than ever, as his staunchest allies and supporters like Amadou Samba, Imam Fatty and the Islamic Council, abandon him. It is worth noting that the coalition during their marathon campaign, never stopped in the whole of Foni region, due to threats by some green boys of the region, in a move unprecedented and which many said was based on tribal grounds. Likewise none of the polling stations in the Foni was manned by the coalition agents and this has been translated into votes with the outgoing, winning in all polling stations in that region. This many said, has shamed the people of foni, as it shows their disregard for peaceful co-existence, as most security chiefs, department heads and ministers are headed by the president's tribesmen and hailing from the same region as him. This was the reason the outgoing monster of Kanilai thought he could lie and use tribal sentiments to stir tribal problems in a country more intermingled and intermarried than any place on earth. He failed woefully. 

Gambians have come in droves from all walks of lives and all tribes and across party lines to wish the incoming president and his team very well as they prepare for the 19 January inaugurations. As the day of the inauguration draws near, the outgoing divisive and tribalist dictator, who came to power by force, is being urged to leave amicably, at least for the sake of his family and his followers. 

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