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IGP Sonko Retracts on Convoy Permits

sonko and bah

The Inspector General of Police, Yankuba Sonko is reported to have retracted on his earlier statement that all convoys needs permit to ply the routes of The Gambia, according to the statement issued by the coalition team of the president elect. The IGP's press release which was read over the state television, GRTS was reported to have been sent by the public relation office of the police since Friday but the GRTS management did not want to read the report, due to the fact that the press release was believed by many to have been directed at the convoy of the presidential elect and not the registrar marriages as the statement of the president elect team seem to have been told. The GRTS were later asked about the reason for their failure to read the press release and they said they lost it. The PRO then sent another release to GRTS which were read to Gambians on Monday evening, which resulted in generating so much reaction from the Gambian people, to the dismay of the police. 

Senior police officers contacted by this paper intimated to us that the directives came from the incumbent president, who lost to the coalitions presidential candidate but is ashamedly desiring to hang on without the mandate of the people. The officers, who contacted this paper said the majority of the police officers, especially the senior officers, are not happy about the press release and further went to say that the directives were passed to the IGP through the newly appointed minister of interior Momodou Alieu Bah. It was believe by the officers that such irresponsible statements can tip the country into further crisis. 

The senior police officers who reached this paper went unto advice the coalition leadership to request a police escort from the IGP, as mandated by the laws of the Gambia, which will reassure the citizenry that the police are out to look after the interest of the nation instead of interest of the outgoing dictator. This request, many believe, may not be honoured by the police authorities as it will be directly place them in conflict with the self serving dictatorship and the minister of interior. 

IGP Sonko is believed to be a good officer, who went to the police academy in Nigeria, and in fact holds a first degree in law from UK. He is however reported to be easily intimidated by the brutal regime of Jammeh, therefore may do what ever the dictator tells him to spare himself. 


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