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Jammeh's Ministers Jumping Ship Ahead of ECOWAS Showdown

sanyang and jobe

Yaya Jammeh is being abandoned by his men. The Ministers of Trade and Agriculture, respectively, Abdou Jobe and Ismaela Sanyang, fled Gambia. They were transported to the airport Leopold Senghor before departing for other countries.

Jobe absconded to Brussels, Belgium, while Sanyang's destination is unknown.

Before this duo, another Minister Jammeh had left the ship before all this turmoil. This is the former head of the Department of the Interior, Ousmane Sonko.

He, like his two former colleagues, went through Dakar to fly to Sweden. Not without some problems.

Indeed, before taking his plane for the Scandinavian countries, he was arrested by officers of the Senghor airport but was released after a while.


(Source: Liberation)

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