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The Defeated Dictator Back to State House from Kanilai


Yaya Jammeh, the brutal dictator of Kanilai has returned to the state house in Banjul from Kanilai where he was holed up since his defeat in the polls and subsequent conceding of power  a week ago. Since his famous televised conceded speech on national TV and subsequent telephone call to the winner of the presidential elections last Friday, Jammeh went to his in his native border village of Kanilai and was not seen in the news or anywhere else, since, whilst Gambians jubilate in the street, bringing down his posters in their newly found freedom. 

His return to Banjul is seen as many as reconciliatory step, though the Gambian people are still apprehensive and not sure of his genuine interest in maintaining peace in the beautiful peaceful nation. Many are ready to forgive him, especially if he relinquishes power sooner than January peacefully.   

Jammeh has ruled The Gambia with an iron fist since his illegal usurpation of power some 22 years ago. He is believed to have built bunkers of heavy arms and ammunition in his native village and has in fact moved many of the country's heavy arms there due to alleged frequent coup attempts and has often used his rebel tribesmen across the border to ensure his grasp on his power and as such was often seen as a serious security threat to Senegal and the whole sub region, as long as he is in power. 

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