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omar ann

History was made yesterday

History was made yesterday when vibrant women, led by Dr. Isatou Touray, came to ask for the right and privilege to govern the country as they envision. There is no doubt that a wider platform was accorded them, and seize the moment, they did. I congratulate Dr. Touray for laying out her vision of hope, inclusiveness, civility, and certainly, assurances of the highest order, in terms of her desires to govern based on the absolute dictates of law. Her message assured us of her inate desire to stay just for one term if given the chance to lead, and eventually get elected. That sounded very encouraging and it will surely find resonance in some not so optimistic quarters. And it will certainly leverage the talks expected soon within the respective political party leaders who have sacrificed everything to highlight Gambia's predicament, by keeping it current, thus, giving chance and oppotunities to the likes of Dr. Touray to partake in this most important national enterprise. Kudos to them all for their persistence while operating under a very difficult environment that is hostile and not conducive to any democratic practice. Dr. Touray injected hope many times in her speech and she also inspired a lot about a future that few predict to be gloomy, based on experiences of bad policies relative to governance for the past two decades plus. And undoing the damage done to our country, would require an extraordinary level of competence shrouded by honesty, and most importantly, good character. .Women do understand and grasp the issues better than most folks, for they usually bear the brunt of bad governance emanating from the clutches of tyrannical regimes.

As we enter the critical weeks ahead, anticipating and awaiting talks by respective party leaders, we should all seize and desist and at least inject civility into the discourse and not poison the well. All stakeholders ARE important and needed in these trying times of our political life. I pray for the ensued talks to represent the best our country has offer. Certainly, the conversation is about to begin to restore our Gambian values we all lost as a country. May the best candidate for the country lead us in serving and safeguarding the interest of all as to dictates of law. Now let's give then chance to at least enter a room.

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