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Cassamance APRC Voters Camped at Yundum College and Atlantic Hotel, as Jammeh Fails to get 5,000 Gambian Nominees

IEC Chair

Reports reaching this paper indicate that Cassamance voters are already being camped at Brikama College and government owned Atlantic Hotel in Banjul ahead of nomination today indicating that the incumbent cannot even get the required 5,000 Gambian voters to nominate him for his 5th term bid into office. It has reported previously by this paper that Jammeh uses his tribesmen and women from Cassamance to vote for him on all the presidential elections that transpired since Jammeh forced himself into office 22 years ago, which reports have been verified by Senegalese authorities after arresting many Cassamance residents crossing into Senegal from the Gambia immediately after voting closes. 

Political analyst doubt the fact the Jammeh cannot get the required the 5,000 voters from The Gambia but insist that he was using them to ensure he can gather as much crowd as the Coalition candidate or even the other candidate, amidst very harsh economic hardship, rampant human rights abuse as well as total lack of basic rule of law. 

Further reports reaching us, indicate the large the number of military personnel seen in trucks with uniform tops off, indicating that Jammeh is really desperate to ensure he can pull crowds and in case the call from the diaspora to their people to boycott anything Jammeh especially the nomination of the monster into office again. Taking no chances, Jammeh, clinging at a any straw, is desperately requesting civil service heads to ensure that they sent as many government workers and vehicles to the nomination, a practice which is against election laws that IEC chairman and his commissioners vowed to uphold. 

This election, many analyst conclude will be different from all other election as the opposition managed to poll a single candidate to represent all the opposition parties except GDC, whose leader until recently was a staunch supporter of the incumbent and a member of the lame dog national assembly for the APRC party. 

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