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Gambia slammed for jailing opposition leader

By Charlie Hamilton

Human rights groups on Thursday slammed the jailing in Gambia of a political opposition leader and 18 anti-government protesters amid growing tensions ahead of elections slated for December.

Ousainou Darboe, who heads the United Democratic Party (UDP), and his supporters were jailed for three years after being convicted of holding an unapproved street demonstration on 16 April outside the capital Banjul.

The APRC regime fears female candidates

Isatou Touray is Gambia's first female presidential candidate. - Female candidates is extra scary for the regime, says political advisor at Amnesty.

Ragnhild Aarø Njie Journalist

Earlier in September, it became clear that feminist Isatou Touray standing as presidential candidate in elections in Gambia, which will take place on December 1st.

Gambia Opposition Parties Start Coalition Talks Ahead of Polls

Suwaibou Touray 

Opposition parties in Gambia started talks on the appointment a single candidate to stand against President Yahya Jammeh in elections scheduled for December.
Representatives of at least four parties attended a meeting at a beach resort near Banjul, the capital, to discuss the forging of an alliance, Halifah Salla, the presidential candidate for the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism party, said on Wednesday. The parties will meet again before formal negotiations start, he said.

Coalition building meeting Organised by PDOIS underway at Kairaba Beach Hotel

Opposition negotiations to field a single candidate for the December 2016 presidential election is about to open at the Kairaba beach hotel. The parties officials and candidates are arriving at the venue with all the parties and their representatives showing great enthusiasm and vigour, when responding to the clarion call. This August gathering was organised and facilitated by PDOIS to ensure a consensus is reached for a common presidential aspirant. 

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