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Seedy Njie, Nominated NAM Insulting Opposition Leaders for Calling Jammeh a Dictator

Seedy Njie, a nominated member of the national assembly was visibly agitated by remarks of the honourable opposition leaders present at the recently African Union meeting with the stakeholders to ensure the ruling party respects the rule of law and democracy during the elections. Njie, representing the ruling party, but as it is usual with the NAM members had nothing to say to the delegates as he waited until all the party leaders are finished with the pleas for the incumbent to respect the will of the people and ensure the elections are free, fair and violence free. 

Is the UDP still hellbent on UDP Led Coalition?

It seems the UDP has not learnt it's lesson well as it seems hellbent on UDP led coalition instead of allowing the electorates to choose who should be the flag bearer, the path PDOIS, GDC, and NCP favours as well as this paper as it is based on common sense and logic and at the same time empowering Gambians and ensuring that the candidate chosen has the best chance of getting other opposition parties votes.

As Ousman Sonko Seeks Refuge in Sweden, we ask what crimes did he refuse to do for Jammeh?

These past few days have seen a lot of celebration about the news of the dismissal of one of the most brutal psychopathic killers of Jammeh, Ousman Sonko from his square peg in hole post of interior minister and his subsequent fleeing to Sweden and seeking sanctuary. As most patriotic Gambians in Sweden, led by Demba N. Njie and others start making arrangements to ensure the indictments of Sonko as a war criminal, this paper asks the fundamentally question, why and when did Jammeh fell out with his most staunch supporter? 

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