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Gambia Opposition Finally Chooses Coalition Flag Bearer

It was with great joy that Gambians went to bed last night with the news that the opposition coalition building finally gathered 70 delegated from each party who voted to chose a flag bearer for the coalition for the December 2016 presidential election, as it is the first time almost all the parties except one, came together to form a genuine flag bearer. The diaspora had earlier responded to the clarion call of the Gambia Democracy Fund and raised a monumental $10, 000 in just two days, spearheaded by the fiery broadcaster Fatu Camara of the Fatu Network. 

EU seeks swift action on African migration deals with Gambia and others to ease pressure on Italy

Leaders at Brussels summit will call for more efforts to reduce irregular migrants and want agreements in place by spring

European Union leaders will press for faster results from deals with African countries to stop the flow of migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean sea to Italy.

The EU has intensified work with governments in Ethiopia, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Mali – all countries of origin for people attempting the dangerous sea crossing to Italy.

Gambia opposition to field single presidential candidate

Banjul (Gambia) (AFP) - The Gambia's opposition parties announced Friday they would unite around a single candidate for December's presidential election, in an unusual show of unity as President Yahya Jammeh seeks a fifth term in power.

At a meeting in Banjul, the groups agreed to pick a single contender at a convention on October 30, just weeks ahead of the election slated for December 1.

The signatories of the memorandum said they were "putting our differences aside, in pursuance of the supreme national interest", with the aim of ousting Jammeh from power.

As Gambia's opposition leaders finally unite, except GDC who many alleged are still part of the APRC.

Last Friday was a welcome news for all sincere and peace loving Gambians, many of who have been in this struggle for at least two decades, as they gave a sigh of relief as all the parties except GDC signed the much anticipated agreement for procedures to select a single candidate to face the incumbent. Gambians were left open mouthed though, when GDC, the newest party of The Gambia refused to sign, citing their unhappiness with the numbers.

UDP'S Politics of Insults is as dangerous as Jammeh's dictatorial rule

The UDP supporters have been branded as the politicians of insults as whenever these bunches are threatened with even a slight criticism, they resort to politics of insults as if they are they only ones who can insult or they have nothing to be insulted about. This kind of politics is immature, dangerous and there is difference between it and the APRC's politics of tyranny, under which all things national are own by Yaya and the state is his to do what he wants.

Opposition Coalition building agreement postpone by UDP to consult with their executive

Gambians are once again treated to another delay in building the much requested and needed coalition building agreement after UDP emerged as the only party requesting a postponement to consult with their executive, majority of which are in prison serving a three year term for merely holding a procession without permit. This proposal for a postponement was table by Alhagie Darboe, one of the contenders for UDP leadership, leaving the rest of the opposition supporters furious as to what else could be up the UDP sleeves. 

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