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Fatoumata Tambajang's appointments as VP, unconstitutional, wrote experts

The spokesman of the new coalition, hon. Halifa Sallah, today in his address to the nation said the president has appointed Fatoumata Tambanjang as vice president of The Gambia, which news was received with happiness by many supporters of the coalition government, due to her stand during the formation of the coalition. Born on October 22 1949 in Brikama, a former UNDP staff and minister in Jammeh government.  

Outgoing Dictator Jammeh more isolated than ever, as even his APRC party abandons him

The incumbent president Jammeh, who has been not seen in public since his week before last meeting with the money grabbing so call African Bar Association, is more lonely than ever as more of his party members, sycophants and mobilisers abandon him. The latest to tell him to go away, is the APRC kombo north party members and before then his die hard supporters of Foni Jarrol, who paid a courtesy visit to the incoming president to show solidarity and support with people of the Gambia. 

Jammeh's Ministers Jumping Ship Ahead of ECOWAS Showdown

Yaya Jammeh is being abandoned by his men. The Ministers of Trade and Agriculture, respectively, Abdou Jobe and Ismaela Sanyang, fled Gambia. They were transported to the airport Leopold Senghor before departing for other countries.

Jobe absconded to Brussels, Belgium, while Sanyang's destination is unknown.

Before this duo, another Minister Jammeh had left the ship before all this turmoil. This is the former head of the Department of the Interior, Ousmane Sonko.

He, like his two former colleagues, went through Dakar to fly to Sweden. Not without some problems.

Argos guard tackles Gambia strongman

Like thousands of other Africans working in Britain, Adama Barrow was a foot soldier in the army of uniformed security guards manning reception desks and patrolling high-street shops.

The burly Gambian tackled troublemakers at Argos on Holloway Road in north London and once made a citizen’s arrest that handed a shoplifter six months in jail.

Now, 15 years later, the 51-year-old is taking on a much tougher customer — the president of his homeland, Yahya Jammeh, one of Africa’s last remaining strongmen.

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