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Is the UDP leader exercising undue influence on Barrow since his release from prison

Reports reaching this paper intimated that the UDP's leader, Ousainou Darboe has been unduely influencing the decisions of the coalition leader Barrow, since Ousainou was released from prison with many of the decisions being reported made by Ousainou, from the controversial appointments of the vice president, Jallow Tambajang as well as the undue fair distribution of the cabinet positions with many saying he is in fact working hard to change the agreement from three years to five years. 

UDP dominated coalition cabinet sworn in, as PDOIS seems left out

The swearing in ceremony of the members of the new cabinet just concluded today at the Kairaba Hotel in Kolili, The Gambia, with what many termed as absolute domination by the President's original party with at least 4 of the most important government ministries gone to the UDP as opposed only one for the rest and two to PPP. 

Is Vice President Fatou Tambajang 68 years old or less?

Reports reaching this paper seems to be saying that the president of the republic did appoint a body to foresee the appointment of his cabinet, less than 24 hours after promising the nation, through the spokesman that this body will be created as necessary to avoid blunders like the appointment of Tambajang even though she is older than the allowed age. It has also been reported that this in fact this body has met and in fact confirmed the appointment.

President Barrow to fly home tomorrow, admidst Constitutional Controversies

The president of the 3 rd republic of The Gambia, Mr. Adama Barrow is said to be flying home tomorrow by one of his aide's Mrs. Amie Sisoho, from Dakar, where he has been hosted since last week to ensure his safety as the former head of state and dictator, Jammeh, hung unto to power. This resulted in the swearing in of the head of state in the Gambian embassy  instead of in The Gambia, as per the plan. 

Rule of law and not of conscience or opinion expected in The Gambia

The rule of law, "the restriction of the arbitrary exercise of power by subordinating it to well-defined and established laws. when military dictators fall, the democrats who follow them must try to restore the rule of law", according to google. The rule of law indeed is one of the bastions of our freedom where the established law governs our rights and freedoms rather than the law as decided by one person, official or supporter, and should never be subordinate to the desires of any incumbent government or is supporters. 

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