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Adama Barrow, the proprietor of Majum Real Estate, who hails from Mankamang Kunda in Jimara, Upper River Region (URR), has been officially declared yesterday, Thursday 1st September 2016, as the presidential candidate of the United Democratic Party (UDP) in the forthcoming December 1st election.


Present during the lunching was Hon. Suwaibou Touray who is the only National Assembly member who attended the lecture series of Prof. Baba Galleh Jallow on Saturday August 12th at the Tango office hall, commended the initiative of the ‘Initiative for the Promotion of Democracy and Good Governance’( IPDG)for coming up with such sensitization programmes especially relating to Transitional Justice Mechanism in The Gambia.

Mama Kandeh, withdrew his false allegations when questioned by police

The leader of The Gambia’s Democratic Congress, Mamma Kandeh has been questioned by police after accusing President Adama Barrow of corruption. An impeccable source at the Ministry of Communications, Information Technology on Thursday said that Mr. Kandeh was invited to the police headquarters in Banjul to answer questions about sweeping allegations and to help the police in recovering the alleged stolen funds, which allegations he had made that officials of the new administration had pilfered monies loaned to The Gambia by its foreign donors.

Halifa Sallahe received as a hero of the impasse as he tours the continent of north Europe

It is this time of the year that Gambians all over the world, get together to celebrate their cultures, known common as the cultural week. In Norway this cultural year's cultural week was last week and the guest speakers who are mainly the same people from the tourism board, had a change this year, with two prominent Gambians, the legendary strong man of PDOIS, hon. Halifa Sallah and the legendary footballer, Bai Malleh Wadda, a mayoral candidate of Banjul city council,  as well as the permanent secretary and senior officials of the ministry of tourism were also invited to attended. 

Gambians and diplomacy in the modern world.

Diplomacy is the execution of our international policy and the management of our international affairs as the textbook definitions but we all know that diplomacy is much more than that, as an interaction between the Gambia and the outside world including Gambians abroad are done by these diplomats.

Halifa Sallah's Press Conference Greatly Misunderstood

The recent press conference by the Secretary General of People's Democracy Organisation for Independence and Socialism, PDOIS, has sparked a furore of comments on Social media. What is clear from this press conference is that many of the commentators either did not listen to the press conference or either their grasp of English, the official language leaves a lot to be desired or downright malice aforethought towards this national hero whose stance during the impasse, may have saved our nation.  

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