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APRC Gathers Youth in Basse with nothing to say or show them as panic strikes the incumbent party.

aprc sycophants

As desperation sets in on the mind of the ruling party leader and stalwarts, as the nation witnesses the incumbent party being abandoned en mass and facing the biggest opposition threat since the illegal take over 22 years. With Gambians youths easily forming the majority in the whole world of those being forced to leave their country by the back way, the APRC big wigs from those jailed and later recycled due to this election in the person of Musa Susso and others, all urging the youths to give their ballots to the brute of Kanilai, with not a a single one of them mentioning even a single thing that government has done for the youths. 

Under Jammeh the Gambian youths have seen the worst as the majority of them embark on dangerous trips across the harsh Sahara desert and then braving the Mediterranean sea, with a number of them losing their lives along the way. This is partly due to the lack of employment and education opportunities for the youths as well as the lack of democracy and human rights and the rule of law, all of which are fundamental to youth development and well being. 

It is also under this regime that the youths and school children were gunned down by security forces on the orders of Yaya Jammeh, who later indemnified those cowardly acts to ensure the youths are left without remedies even after the coroner declared the killings as unlawful. 

This is the reason why none of the delegates,  could name even a single act of this government for the youths and all they could say was that the president has done so much for the youths in this country with only Bala Jahumpa naming the airport as the best in the world built out of tax payers' monies. 

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