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Is Jammeh planning to cancel or disrupt the December elections, knowing he is a sure loser?

The recent arsons attacks on public owned Latrikunda Sabiji and Brikama markets, the President's own petrol stations and his party, APRC bureaus suggested either the security of the nation is not being guaranteed or the president is at his usual tactics again, of staging state sponsored violence or manipulations of the fragile and simple minds of the electorates to enable him to postpone or even cancel the forthcoming elections in December? 

Jammeh recently organised a security meeting with his security chiefs and was reportedly worried about the forthcoming elections and visibly losing popularity in the country after his genocidal tirades against one of the largest tribes, the Mandinkas and of course his 22 years reign of terror and violence sparing no one, not even his closest family in the process. The coup leader and self declared curer of the AIDS virus, declared at the meeting that only the same way he came can remove him and he will not yield to elections defeats, which statement many believe, resulted in one of his most brutal killers, the ertswhile interior minister Ousman Sonko, jumping ship, knowing fully well that the end is few months away. 

Jammeh has tried many times in the past, from forcing women to cover their heads, whilst his wife wears short skirts and no head cover, to attacking our faiths by forcing us to pray a particular day or face imprisonment to banning drumming in churches and declaring an Islamic state to his most ridiculous, yet most provocative and recent, the banning of greens cars for no reasonable reason except to provoke Gambians into rebellion and armed struggle and to ensure his evil plan of staying in power by all means necessary, a reality not only in sick mind but also in this peace loving and happy nation. 

A drowning man, clutches at any straw, so we should ensure we unite as a people and get rid of this psychopath of a president whose sole aim is to rule by any means necessary at any cost regardless of the consequences or the wish of the majority of Gambians. Gambians should close rank, in this trying times, to ensure he does not divide us as a people, along tribal, ethnic or religious grounds and we show him we are Gambian people, united as a nation intermarrying and cohabiting peacefully for centuries. 

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